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Arco Go-Bots Loose - RoGun Cap Pistol, Cap Rifle & Water Pistol Arco, Go-Bots, Action Figures, 1984, action
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RoGun Cap Pistol: Transforms from an 8-inch tall GoBots robot figure, to a real working Cap gun firing pistol. Uses 8-Shot Ring Caps. Trigger and firing mechanism all working. RoGun Cap Rifle: Transforms from an 14-inch tall GoBots robot figure, to a scifi rifle. Uses two 8-Shot Ring Caps. Firing mechanism does not seem to work. Due to age, I do not recommend firing these weapons with live caps. To load water into the 8 inch Rogun Water Pistol, put the robot`s head into clean water and slowly...

Arco Go-Bots Loose - Binoculars Arco, Go-Bots, Action Figures, 1985, action
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Fun Binocular Go-Bot! Unfortunately, it is missing its arms. Sticker are in pretty good condition. Functions as real binoculars..Please note: Hard-to-find vintage collectible figure(s), in used condition. May have been played with, and may sport scratches or scuff marks. As pictured - if something does not appear in the pictures, then it is not included.