• Manufactured by Kaiyodo
  • Released in 2000
  • Size: 7 inch
  • For Ages 14+
  • Condition: New
Price: $39.05

    The Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise is a multi-billion dollar umbrella of Japanese media properties owned by the anime studio Gainax. The central (and original) works of the franchise is an apocalyptic action story which centers around a paramilitary organization called NERV which fights monstrous beings called Angels, primarily using giant machines called Evangelions. These Evangelion mechas are piloted by teenagers, and predictably, that's where much of the drama unfolds... Teenager Rei Ayanami is the pilot of EVA Unit 00. She was the first child chosen by NERV to pilot an Evangelion. Obviously, she's something special. At the beginning of the series, Rei is an enigmatic teen whose unusual behavior confounds her peers. As the series progresses, her personality evolves and she becomes more involved with the people around her, particularly her classmate and fellow Eva pilot Shinji Ikari. She is revealed to be a key factor in the events that conclude the storyline. Rei's origin is fuzzy, and there is evidence that she might not even be entirely human. So here we have a Rei Ayanami in plug suit 6.7 inch figure. She barely survived her last encounter with an Angel. Her arm is bandaged. Her eyes are closed. She's so tired.... Nice detailed sculpt of plugsuit. Includes a plethora of alternate parts and accessories: + 2 extra alternate heads (eyes open, eye bandaged) + 2 alternate pairs of arms (in plugsuit, no longer injured - to allow alternate poses) + 10 inch wepon (a 2-prong spear) + food plate, chopsticks, glasses, measuring cup, ramen noodles pack, ... + base Packaged in a bubble, with a huge backer card..

    Please note: New, but backercard bottom edge is a little frayed.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

    New, but backercard bottom edge is a little frayed..Packaging may exhibit some minor shelfwear, such as bent corners, minor creases, dents, scratches, tears, etc...