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Mystical Creations Fairy Mirror - Nice! Mystical Creations, Fairies, Statues, 2008, fantasy
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Lovely mirror held by the fairy's wings. Box is not mint - with a couple of small punctures in the front.

Mystical Creations Karayan Fairy 8 inch Statue REPAIRED Mystical Creations, Fairies, Statues, 2009, fantasy
Price: $67.65
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Mystical Creations Item #: 3055-3542CCCUAG -

Here we have a Mystical Creations Karayan Fairy 8 inch Statue. In Armenian, the name Karayan means The dark one. And that is what we have here: a fallen fairy, whose wings and garments have lost their former luster. No longer does she radiate light and sparkle. Now her shrunken wings are tainted with darkness, an her dress hangs limply, a shadow of its former glory. The only creature who will still keeps her company is a black crow... Still, she stands with a regal bearing. A faint smile...