• Manufactured by China
  • Released in 2009
  • Size: 8.2x7 inches
  • For Ages 15+
  • Condition: New
Price: $12.65

    Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens in English) is an anime&manga series loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of The Three Kingdoms. The series is known for a large cast of attractive young girls, who fight in short skirts and sexy tops. After most fights, their outfits end up shredded to pieces, further exposing the girls' voluptuous curves. The story revolves around seven schools in the district of Kanto, which are constantly at war with each other. The students within both male and female are skilled fighters. Their lives and fates are guided by strange jewels, called Magatama, that contain the spirits and destinies of past warriors. By besting all others, students hope to become Ikkitosen which literally translated, means one rider who is the match of a thousand. Here we have an Ikki Tousen Ryomo Shimei in string bikini mouse pad. Ryomo Shimei is an odd girl with short blue hair and green eyes, and a very strange history, mainly tied to her mysterious left-eye patch. She usually wears a short French maid outfit, but here she's relaxing in sexy string bikini barely covering anything at all. Looks like she's waiting for some company. Maybe you can help her out? Mouse pad is 8.25 x7 inches. Non-skid rubber underside. Packaged in a clear acetate sleeve. Imported from China.

    Packaging may exhibit some minor shelfwear, such as bent corners, minor creases, dents, scratches, tears, etc...