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Diamond Select Kabuki Agent Scarab 5.8 inch figure Diamond, Kabuki, Action Figures, 2004, sexy, warriors, comic book
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Scarab is a deadly heroine who dispenses her own brand of justice on the guilty. Skilled in all forms of hand-to-hand combat, Scarab uses her vast martial skills, as well as her impressive arsenal of weapons to face impossible odds and claim victory every time. Weating the mark of The Noh is as mysterious as she is lovely. The codename Scarab was given to this Noh assassin because it is her duty to clean up the scenes left by the other Noh assassins, very much like the scarab beetle. Her...

Moore 2000 Kabuki 5.75 inch figure regular version Moore Action Collectibles, Kabuki, Action Figures, 2000, sexy, warriors, comic book
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Ukiko is a beautiful but tragic young woman struggling with her sense of self, following years of social withdrawal, mental conditioning and a severe assault during childhood that horribly disfigured her face. She becomes Kabuki, the top enforcement agent of The Noh, a secretive goverment organization tasked with executing potentially dangerous individuals before they become national-level threats. Her uniform is a variation of the Japanese flag, her weapons are Ainu farming sickles, and her...