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Capture [Hardcover] by Robert K Tanenbaum [Pocket Books 2009] Pocket Books, Robert K Tanenbaum, Books, 2009
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When a rising starlet from Spanish Harlem dies from a gunshot wound in the fashionable downtown penthouse of an eccentric and famous Broadway producer, New York District Attorney Roger Karp and his hard-charging, crime-fighting wife, Marlene Ciampi, smell drama. Karp is outraged at claims by the producer and his high-powered attorney that the troubled actress committed suicide. With the help of a fearful witness who Marlene convinces to speak out, Karp wages a relentless battle for justice...

Inversions [Hardcover] by Ian M Banks [Pocket Books 1998] Pocket Books, Ian M Banks, Books, 1998
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In a world with little technology, the elusive but effective Dr. Vosill has quickly established herself as physician to the king, and her enemies want to know why..Please note: This is a used book in good condition.