If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason ('changed my mind', 'already have it', 'found it cheaper elsewhere', ...), you can return it. You should let us know it is coming, with an email sent to Please include your order information in this email.

Returns are time-sensitive. You have 1 week from the time of receipt, to mail purchase back to us. Please return it in the box it arrived in. Please include your order information in this box.

Refunds are issued upon arrival of return package. Item(s) must arrive in unopened and undamaged packaging. Opened or damaged items only qualify for a partial refund, or none at all if deemed unresellable. Tardy or abusive returns will also suffer similar deductions.

Customer pays return shipping. Also, if buyer took advantage of our 'Free Standard Shipping' option when placing the order, a re-stocking charge equal to the outbound shipping expense for the order will apply. If customer paid for 'premium shipping', that portion of the transaction is not refundable.
(See below for exceptions)

Special Circumstances:

If we made a mistake
, such as sending the wrong item, please let us know right away and we will gladly send the correct item in exchange, at no additional cost to you. You may be asked to return original item, at our expense.

If you received an item with a manufacturer's defect
, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order to arrange for a replacement or refund. You may be asked to return the defective item, at our expense. Please note that minor bends, scuffs or indentations on exterior packaging are not defects - we do not guarantee and you should not expect 100% mint packaging. If you are a collector seeking pristine packaging, please email us with your order. We will try to select a nice item with no marks on the packaging, and will ship it with our usual care.

If your purchase arrived in a damaged shipping box
, please contact us as soon as possible to initiate a parcel damage claim. To expedite your claim, please email us photographs of the box and of the damaged contents.

You are responsible for handling the merchandise you purchase with care. This means opening packages carefully, and not applying undue force for any reason. Do not put delicate collectible figures in the hands of a toddler, and expect good results.  Broken open merchandise can be returned, but only for a partial refund, at our discretion. 

If a package is returned to us as undeliverable, refused by occupant, etc., we will refund the item's purchase price, minus restock fee. Then if you still want the item, you will need to re-order it.

All returns shall be sent to

The Action Figure Archive
2349 Burnt Creek Rd
Decatur GA 30033