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Skybolt 1999 Nira X Manga Force 6 inch figure (yellow) Skybolt, Nira X, Action Figures, 1999, scifi, comic book
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Skybolt Hellina 6 inch Figure - Hellborn Hellina (rare crystal variant) Skybolt, Hellina, Action Figures, 1997, fantasy, comic book
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Hellina, aka Sandra Lords, is a fictional demon featured in comic books published by Lightning Comics. Abducted by a small cult, bound to a wooden post, Sandra is confronted by the demon Malazaar which was summoned by the cult. Sandra offers herself willingly to the demon, who then has his way with her and infuses her with demonic power, transforming her into Hellina. This is the Crystal Convention Edition Limited Edition version of this figure. Packaged in a bag.