Terms of Sale

All Sales are subject to the following terms:

Most of our inventory consists of new, never played-with toys. While the toys are new, the packaging is not always perfect. Buyers should expect minor shelfwear, such as bent corners, minor creases, minor dents, minor scratches, etc... Also, some items may have been opened for photography purposes, then carefully repacked and resealed. However, when major damages are present, these will be noted in the item's description.

Product Variations:
Small variations in the color, painting, presentation and packaging of a product are often introduced at the point of manufacture. Buyer understands that our product photography may not reveal such small differences, and agrees that we cannot be held responsible for them. This clause applies to unexpected paint smudges, parts that have come loose inside a bubble, and figures that are posed differently than usual.

When batteries are included within a product, their freshness is not guaranteed. While batteries in newer toys are usually fine, they may need replacing if the item was released several years ago.

Some chemical components of a product may be affected by the passage of time. For instance, the ink in pens, the glue on stickers, the wax in crayons, even lipsticks and perfumes age naturally, and eventually become unusable. Buyer shall not expect such components to be 'fresh' when the product is more than a year old. Buyer is advised to check the release date of each product (see description) - when freshness is a concern.

Every possible effort has been make to clearly and accurately describe the items we stock. Known deficiencies are noted, but this does not preclude additional deficiencies, which may have gone un-noticed. Also, we do not guarantee any item's fitness for any use or purpose. Items are sold "AS IS".